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About Kim:

Hi!! My name’s Kim and I am a HUGE people-pleaser. I’m spunky, full of energy, love to laugh, and to TRAVEL! I was way too excited to start this Travel Blog and still am! I love the idea of not only sharing our incredible adventures with people we know and don’t know, but also we’ll be able to share tips, tricks, tactics, and most importantly we’ll be able to share how YOU can be able to actually LIVE your life the way you’ve always wanted to!!

I have been traveling since I was little thanks to my awesome grandparents! They’ve taken me on a few trips and I couldn’t be more grateful. I only wish I would have understood how grateful I should have been then! They drove me to different National Forests, National Monuments, and Historic places all throughout the U.S.A excluding the east coast pretty much. Unfortunately, I was so consumed with my Veterinary career working about 14-18 hours 4 days a week, that I had almost completely forgotten about my love for nature and the wild outdoors. It wasn’t until I met my boyfriend Isaac that I remembered how much I loved traveling! And now it’s even better to travel as an adult because I (and Isaac) get to control where we go and stay, etc! I cannot wait to take you on this journey with us! Thank you so much for being a part of our incredible adventures! Sending everyone so much love!! XOXOX

About Isaac and Us:

There’s no way that we could talk about our true selves without talking about sex. Kim and I are both very sexual beings even from a young age. Yet, for most of our lives, we were ashamed of our sexuality, our highly sexed natures. Society, parents, school, even friends, shamed us. Shamed us from being fascinated and drawn to, or feeling the energy of sex. I suppressed my sexual being, buried it inside of me, and lost the power that it provides. Until one day, I read a chapter in a book that changed my life forever. The book was the famed: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and the chapter was called “The Mystery Of Sex Transmutation”. In it, Napoleon says that he’s not exactly sure why, but after 30 years of studying the most successful people on the planet, he has seen that every majorly successful person has learned how to transmute their sexual energy into physical success in their lives. After reading this chapter, for the first time in my life, I felt okay to embrace my sexual being. For the first time, I learned that my sexuality, my horniness, and my sex drive were all things that I could tap into for immense power. Reading that chapter and taking action has led me down a path more incredible than I could ever have dreamed of. This path has led me to attract the woman of my dreams into my life, travel all across the world and the US, have my business quadruple in several years, and it has all come back and culminated in this blog. This is our way of giving back to the abundance that the Infinite Intelligence has provided to us.

Our way of helping others live a life SO incredible they couldn’t even dream of it.