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How To Accept Your Calling In Life

A Guest Blog By: Felicia Reed


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by Kim Coates in Guest Blog, Self-Help
December 11, 2017 1 comment

Are you the person often tasked with a certain thing to do when you’re part of a team dynamic? When the bake sale for school takes place, are you contacted for coordinating the event, baking a certain cookie, or making the posters every single time? During teamwork, are you the spokesperson or leader for the team or scribe? Are you the best gift selector in your family or perhaps the best home-setting organizer? Is there something that others, or even yourself, associate with you personally because it is you? Can you communicate with others or offer special words during difficult times?

What exactly is a Calling and how do we accept it?

There is a belief that what you are naturally and instinctively good at is your Calling. It is that ability that comes from you without any effort and you are able to execute around any relative requirements without sweating it out. What is easy for you and difficult for others may just be your Calling. It shows up when you feel the feeling of “It’s no big deal or it’s so simple” to do or make. Not only is your Calling a natural gift or talent, but it can also be that pull or force that shows up in your choice of careers or outreach work. A Calling is normally something that resonates deep within your spiritual existence that is a part of your essence. It’s who you are and more than likely you came here with it.

Ways to identify your Calling is noticing what repeats in your life. A Calling longs to be seen and will find a way to show on the outside. When it cannot be expressed, the energy around a Calling will be sad and disappointed, and it may even create torture in your life if you do not acknowledge and honor its presence. An example of this is the natural ability to heal. Most healers of any kind have been tormented horrendously in life as they deny a Calling to support others. In this case, they may find repetitive life events as, over and over, the same theme keeps showing up. When that happens, there’s something there that needs to be honored and expressed perhaps in sharing that gift with others. It’s the same for baking those special cookies. They, too, like to be shared as an expression of your inner culinary talent. A Calling is full of creativity, innovation, productivity, and perhaps wisdom that cannot be easily explained.

Accepting the Calling is simple. You just do it.

Consider being in a great job, at a great salary, in a fantastic environment, and being miserable, but you find yourself extremely happy planting trees and working with plant life for no pay. That feeling is your Calling and probably considered your passion work. To accept it, find a way to align to it. Find a way to grow the Calling and passion so that you can honor it all the time and not just some of the time. It enjoys being continuously expressed and not reserved for certain times such as weekends. Imagine how joyous you would feel on a regular basis if you could plant trees and harvest plants for a living, instead of being in the restrictive, great job that you may be in. It’s pure bliss to honor yourself in this way.

Until someone can fully honor their Calling and sustain their lives, they find ways to incorporate it into everything they do. While in that office environment where the great job is, they will be the ones to take care of the plants voluntarily. They will be the ones sitting with their backs up against a tree on a lunch break instead of pacing the mall. That Calling is finding a way out. When we accept it and act on our Calling, we are in our happy zone and the sweet bliss essence that is our life purpose. A Calling is a gift and we all have them. To find yours, simply pay attention to what you’re good at, something that interests you, or watch for repetitive themes which may be both negative and positive in nature. If we all accepted and answered our inner Callings, there would be more peace, happiness and love in the entire world.

About The Author:

Felicia Reed

Felicia Reed is a Certified Life Purpose, Spiritual, and Christian Coach, as well as, a Holistic Wellness Advocate. She works with groups and individuals to promote positive and constructive life changes and healing modalities hoping to bring about self awareness, inner peace, accountability and hope. She has a firm belief that the better we feel, the better we are able to live productive lives. Ms. Reed is a survivor of several life-altering, traumatic experiences as a result of abuse and firmly believes that coaching and self-healing techniques saved her life. She understands building the required determination, willpower, and desire through difficult times to move forward. She works to provide coaching and healing services to clients virtually and in person. Ms. Reed is also the WBTVN host of her “Females Without Fear Life Mastery” segments where she invites other females to share their stories of overcoming fear. She is an international speaker, fiber artist, instructor, and a quality management professional. Ms. Reed welcomes opportunities to appear as a presenter, panelist, speaker, coach, artist, and moderator and can be contacted at

LIFE IS A PROCESS and we are all trying to get from Point A to Point B and beyond.

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  1. Felicia says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to blog with Sexy Explorers.

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How to cut your lodging cost by 50% or more while staying in the coolest places in the world

Quit saying I’ve always wanted to do that and travel today within your budget!

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