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Solo travel can be an incredible experience and is something that I encourage everyone to try out at least once in their lives. You grow as a person, you meet so many new friends, you get to experience things and really find yourself when you solo travel.

However, there comes a point in many of our lives where we really want to find someone to travel with, whether that be a travel buddy or a romantic partner.

I was the same way.

When I moved to Arizona, my main goal was to find someone who wanted to just travel around with me. I kept waiting to travel until I found that person. After 6 months of not having any success of finding anyone to travel with me, I decided I needed to take a different approach. So I took the lessons from several of my teachers and I created a formula. I called it “Finding Your Perfect Partner Blueprint.”

Using this formula, I was able to attract the perfect partner into my life.

A woman who was excited to travel with me and excited to explore. Since that time, we have traveled all across America, several different countries and seen and experienced things I never could have imagined in my wildest dreams. Yet, it all started from implementing this incredible blueprint. And now, I wanna give this blueprint to you.

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