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PTSD, Is It A Life Sentence?

A Guest Blog By: Dr. Danielle J. Duperret, ND/PhD


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by Kim Coates in Guest Blog, Self-Help
January 2, 2018 0 comments

PTSD, What It Is NOT

PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is NOT a disease, an illness or even a disorder. It is nothing to be ashamed of, to hide from or to bury under layers of toughness. From the onset, and from experience, let me also state that:

PTSD does NOT have to be a life sentence, providing you make the choice that it will NOT destroy your life.

PTSD, What It Is

PTSD is “simply” a normal reaction to an abnormal event. It is NOT a disease, it is an injury, just like a broken arm or a blown leg. As studied by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, a German oncologist, a traumatic event causes short circuits in the brain, which have to be repaired. When placed in a hopeless situation and feeling helpless to avoid it, the mind/brain reacts: SAFETY FIRST.

It is not a disorder, it is a dis-order, meaning that when faced with an apparently innocuous event later on, the mind/brain reacts to it in a dis-orderly manner, putting safety before analysis.

Let me explain. You are having a good time, enjoying a meal with some friends, when a door slams. The “orderly” way to react could be:

1. Not react… it’s simply a door slamming, no big deal

2. You may jump out of your skin, and immediately realize… it’s simply a door slamming, no big deal

The traumatized, dis-orderly mind/brain will first seek safety before analyzing a situation. BANG… You find yourself crouched under the table, before realizing… it’s simply a door slamming. For that mind/brain, IT IS A BIG DEAL. You could have died… Better be safe than sorry.

PTSD And Energy

As a Quantum Naturopath, I work with energy patterns. In this universe, everything is made up of energy, vibrating at different frequencies. Different foods have different energy patterns and different emotions have different energy patterns. PTSD can trigger the fight-flight-freeze reflex (which has different patterns), depending on the situation and the individual. A Heart Rate Variability Test visually shows different patterns:

PTSR – Post Traumatic Successful Recovery

The goal of a successful therapeutic approach is to slowly and safely reprogram the mind/brain to make the difference between a life threatening situation and an innocuous event BEFORE triggering the fight-flight-freeze reaction. Visually, it would look like this (stress on the left, peace on the right):

Recovery Or Life Sentence?

Before recovery is possible, you have to make the choice as to whether you want to recover and put in the effort it takes to reprogram your mind/brain, or whether you prefer to stay on drugs (which may be necessary for a time) or live a diminished life. Do you want to be a victim of events, or be victorious over what life threw at you? Ultimately, it’s a choice. It’s simple, yet not easy, and there should be no judgment. It’s a personal choice.

From experience, I want to say that it’s normal to feel that you have been victimized by life circumstances. “This was not right. It should never have happened.” I agree. It was wrong and it should not have happened. But it did.

If you decide to choose the path of recovery, grace will meet you half way… amazing grace. Suddenly, a heaviness will be lifted from your shoulders, then another chunk will be gone, and another.

Ultimately, you will be “reborn,” a person stronger and wiser than you have ever been, with more compassion and understanding for the world in general, and for the people who have also “been there.”

I used to wait for life to be “as it was before.” Forget it. It will NOT happen. Life will never be the same; you will never be the same. You have grown, you have acquired knowledge, strength and wisdom you could not have acquired any other way.

Energy Therapies

Many therapies, especially energy therapies like EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques or BSFF-Be Set Free Fast (my own brand is called F.R.E.E.D.O.M. – Freedom and Release of Emotional and Energetic Disturbance Or Mental blocks, a cocktail of energy therapies) can be learned quite easily, then applied in the privacy of your own place, at your own pace. InterActive Guided Imagery will allow you to go to the root cause of your mind/brain reaction to transform its energetic pattern. Sound therapy, with specific frequencies, can be used throughout the day in the background, allowing your energy system to let go of PTSD frequencies and replace them with peaceful patterns.

Is PTSD a life sentence? Only if you choose for it to be. The operating word here is CHOOSE. Choose to recover and solutions will appear. Slowly but surely, you will be freed from dis-orderly reactions and be empowered beyond expectations.

For more information about PTSD, check my web page:

About The Author:

Dr. Danielle J. Duperret, nd/phd

Dr. Danielle J. Duperret, ND/PhD, was born and raised in the French speaking part of Switzerland, where she studied psychology, parapsychology and nutrition.

She traveled through Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia before coming to the USA in 1979, where she got her pilot’s license, married, home-birthed and home-schooled 7 children. In her late 30s, she was faced with a debilitating illness that kept her bed-ridden for months.

In order to recover, she studied naturopathy and got her ND (Doctor of Naturopathy) degree in 1994, followed by a PhD in 1996 with a thesis on The Power of the Mind in Healing. She is certified as an InterActive Imagery Guide (client-centered hypnosis) and as a psycho-legal trauma therapist.

Besides years of studies and research, she faced many personal challenges, including cancer, domestic violence, rape, depression, PTSD and weight issues, from which she recovered.

She authored accredited courses in Traditional and Quantum Naturopathy as well as several e-books and online programs. Using her 5 Keys to Health and Happiness, she empowers her clients /students to recover, and live with passion, purpose and delight.

Her motto: When you change your energy, you change your destiny!
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How to cut your lodging cost by 50% or more while staying in the coolest places in the world

Quit saying I’ve always wanted to do that and travel today within your budget!

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