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Top 5 Most Amazing Places

In Arizona


How to cut your lodging cost by 50% or more while staying in the coolest places in the world

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by Kim Coates in Arizona
October 31, 2017 0 comments

1. Arcosanti

Arcosanti is something completely unique that I don’t know that you’ll find anywhere else in the world…or in the desert hah!

It started out as a project in 1970 following the idea by Paolo Soleri for a compact city design and to this day, Arcosanti is still maintaining a super ecological, urban society. Arcosanti was built with the concept of Arcology in mind (architecture fused with ecology). As we say, it’s basically a futuristic living space designed in the 70’s but still seems futuristic even to us! Arcosanti houses about 30-35,000 people per year! I didn’t really understand how huge it was until we were walking around the facility exploring. Another cool thing about Arcosanti is that it is always being worked on and kept up. For all the people who work there, they’re offered a place to stay in Arcosanti for….wait for it…FREE! And they’re fed for free too! And let me be the first to say “holy crap” because the food was surprisingly healthy AND delicious. Isaac and I had some fantastic empanadas there in the cafe!! Everyone is incredibly nice at Arcosanti also, which is a huge plus!

Must Do/Must See At Arcosanti

1. Star gaze on the rooftops! One of the most awesome things about Arcosanti is that you can seriously climb on top of any rooftop there. There’s always a place to escape to for peace and quiet (although the whole place is pretty peaceful 24/7). Our recommendation is to climb the dome at night and lay on the tippy top of the roof. There’s a tiny 3-4 step staircase on one side of the dome to help you climb up. I do suggest shoes with good traction since it can be a little steep. Otherwise, pull an American Ninja Warrior and climb the warped wall! Haha!

2. Make loud noises in the Dome! This was awesome!! The whole roof is painted very colorful and you’ll see a basketball hoop and ball. Guess what that’s for? No! Not for playing basketball, for making loud noises!! This is where everything echoes to the EXTREME!! So cool! 

3. Take a trip to the campgrounds! There’s one trail you can follow out to the campgrounds where they have an incredible concert every year that you actually have to fill out an application to go to! We’ve heard Skrillex loves playing at Arcosanti, but Isaac and I haven’t made a trip to see a concert there yet. Besides concerts in the woods, there’s also an outdoor theater inside Arcosanti where they commonly have concerts! Aside from concerts altogether, walking down this trail is an easy walk and even easier to trailblaze because you’ll always be able to see Arcosanti from your mini hike! You can get some beautiful photos of Arcosanti from all different perspectives, especially if you trailblaze across the MASSIVE ditch that you won’t be able to miss! 

2. Mount Lemmon

Mt. Lemmon is the 2nd most popular tourist attraction in Tucson, AZ.

It’s part of Coronado National Forest. You can expect it to be pretty busy during the summer months because many people (like us) like to escape the heat and drive up Mt. Lemmon because it’s always at least 30 degrees cooler than the bottom of the mountain! When Isaac and I went there, it was a perfect 65 degrees at the bottom of Mt. Lemmon, then by the time we go to the top (elevation: 8000 feet!) it was about 30 degrees!! Here we were sweating a second ago, and now we’re snowball fighting haha! It was incredible! So Mt. Lemmon is especially special because as you drive from bottom to top, you’ll see your scenery often changing around you. It takes about an hour to drive up the mountain and you can expect to see SIX different ecosystems on the way up. Now, I don’t want to ruin it for you…but some people are into that so here you go: 1. Spruce Forest 2. Mixed Conifer Forest 3. Pine Forest 4. Pinyon Juniper Woods 5. Chaparral Shrublands 6. Subtropical (Sonoran) desert

AKA – You pass through a whole lot of cacti, a lot of trees, a lot of pine trees covered in SNOW, what looks like grasslands that you’d see in The Sound of Music, and then a Dr. Seuss-like-ville where these large lotus-looking plans sprout one tall stick-like plant. It screams Lorax and is totally cool. There’s also a super secret awesome ending to your drive up the mountain!! Want to find out what it is?? Then KEEP READING

Must Do/Must See On Mt. Lemmon

  1. Have a snowball fight at the top of the mountain! As I said, Isaac and I already checked this off our list, which is why you MUST do it! You’ll be so warm from about 10 minutes ago when you were in a different ecosystem so a snowball fight will be both refreshing and fun!

2. I definitely suggest stopping at almost every scenic point if possible. I don’t want you to just stop for the views, but to really get a feel for the weather changes, because you’ll definitely notice! The signage is very good on Mt. Lemmon so you’ll see a turn-off for each scenic point.

3. Eat at The Sawmill Run! SURPRISE! There’s a whole town at the top of the mountain, called Summerhaven! Isaac said the chili was the bomb and I got a salmon BLT *drooool* Yes, it was super tasty! Grab a bite and enjoy the sites while relaxing at the Sawmill Run!

4. Ok since I’m now on a food rant, go get dessert from the Pizza and Cookie Cabin! Go get yourself a well-deserved GIANT, hot cookie after spending all that time driving up a mountain! Yummm! Seriously though, they come out hot and fresh, you’ll burn yourself. Be careful!

3. Canyon X

Maybe you have heard of Antelope Canyon?

Well, Canyon X is also a slot canyon and is on the same chain as Antelope Canyon. Just make sure the weather is nice if you choose to go. You definitely want a sunny day to catch the best pictures so you can see the sun reflect off of the wavy, unique rock walls. And definitely, make sure you check the weather ahead of time. If there’s even a tiny chance of rain, they may close the canyon that day or for a few days. Afterall, floods are what created these beautiful, wavy, indescribable canyons, but you don’t want to be caught in a flash flood… won’t make it out. Canyon X is located on a Navajo Indian Reservation so you’ll find similar sights, less people, and cheaper! Overall, definitely a good find. What also sets it apart from Antelope Canyon is that the tour guide will lead you to the slot canyon opening and then you’re on your own to explore 🙂 When Isaac and I went, there was only 1 other couple! That was the whole group! Privacy is definitely an amazing thing when you’re exploring something completely unique and incredible. Also, a HUGE help in getting some fantastic pictures when you don’t have a tour of people surrounding you.

4. Sedona

There is literally NO place like Sedona.

There’s so much to say about Sedona, I hardly know where to begin. After traveling around so much, I definitely feel 100% confident in saying that there is literally NO place like Sedona. It’s nearly completely surrounded with mountains and rocks that possess a rich, rusty, red color that is completely breathtaking. Sedona is also majorly known for its’ vortexes. There are 5 known vortexes in Sedona: Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Airport Mesa, Boynton Canyon, and Chapel of the Holy Cross.

So what exactly is a vortex?

Simply put, it is an area on Earth where energy is either entering the Earth or projecting out of the Earth. These vortexes can be defined as either masculine or feminine. Feminine meaning that the energy is entering the Earth’s plane and Masculine meaning the energy is projecting out of the Earth. Of all the vortexes that I named, Boynton Canyon is the only area where both Feminine and Masculine vortexes can be found in the same location. These vortexes are said to have major spiritual and healing energy and there are enough people, including us, to vouch for that statement. You can literally FEEL the energy once you’ve walked into vortex territory.

Must Do/Must See In Sedona

  1. Boynton Canyon: This trail is about 5.0 miles round trip with about a 500 foot elevation gain. Overall, we remember it being fairly easy even though some places will list it as “Moderate.” This place is seriously magical. Remember this is one of the ONLY vortexes in Sedona that has both Masculine AND Feminine vortexes so the energy is super intense here. You may run into this vortexes “caretaker,” (as Isaac and I call them, check out our Vortex Caretaker Blog Here) Bob, who loves to pass our heart-shaped rocks to fellow hikers. Bob also will always climb the female vortex and play his flute, do yoga, and pass out positive vibes to all who visit this incredible place.

2. Bell Rock: So we’ve got the inside scoop on how to get to the TOP of Bell Rock that no one else will tell you. Keep an eye out for our Vortex Caretaker Blog COMING SOON! Otherwise, if you’re not looking to get to the top of Bell Rock and feel all that crazy vortex energy, this hike is fairly easy. It’s about a 1.0 mile round trip with about a 300-400 elevation gain if you’re NOT climbing up Bell Rock. If you ARE interested in getting to the top like we did, then definitely check out the blog I listed previously to find your way into The Bell Rock Club (TBRC). This place is so freaking incredible. It has such a powerful force on everyone who visits it! Especially once you conquer the top which you can’t just “wing” yourself. You need guidance on how exactly to get up, and safely of course. Hmm like a vortex caretaker maybe? *wink wink*

3. Cathedral Rock: Also totally dope place for a vortex! If you’re staying on the Cathedral Rock Trail, it’s about a 1.0 mile round trip with some steep areas here and there. About 500 feet elevation gain with a very rewarding view! Don’t get confused by taking the Baldwin or Templeton Trail because they also intersect with this one. Also, don’t be fooled by the “End of Trail” sign. There’s a pretty cool echo chamber past the sign to your left and a beautiful lookout point to the right of the sign! We both definitely felt some major energy here as well, but nothing will ever compare to Boynton Canyon or Bell Rock to be completely honest!

4. Red Rock Crossing: Red Rock is a super easy hike (if I should even call it that) that is a nice place to relax, maybe read a book, or SWIM! It follows along a river that many people like taking a dip in. If you do decide to try and walk across the river, just beware, the smooth red rocks are super slippery! If you’re looking to relax, this is the hike for you. We saw a guy painting the mini rapids while we were there, some kids swimming, a guy flying a drone. Definitely a good place to chill.

5. Picacho peak

Standing 1500 feet high, Picacho Peak isn’t hard to miss with it’s tall, awkward shape. This peak is actually part of Picacho State Park near Tucson in Picacho, AZ. This is definitely a fun hike to the top for the moderately skilled hiker. It is highly recommended to bring at least 2-4 liters of water per person, as well as, good traction shoes. The part that we had the most fun with is the fact that you get to grab onto steel cables that are strung together in order to help hoist yourself up the mountain. This hike will most certainly test your upper body strength at times. And even I (bionic woman!), Kim, with steel in my chest, was able to make it to the top of this mountain like a BOSS!!! And I know 1500 feet doesn’t sound VERY high, especially to those avid hikers, but this peak will really test your limits when you’re forced to walk over a wooden board that looks over about 1,000 foot drop beneath you! Overall, a super fun hike that made getting a workout crazy enjoyable! Hah!



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How to cut your lodging cost by 50% or more while staying in the coolest places in the world

Quit saying I’ve always wanted to do that and travel today within your budget!

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